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TroyResearch conducts music research and perceptual studies for 100's of radio stations worldwide.

The winners in this rapidly changing world stay ahead of the learning curve by gathering customer opinions on an ongoing basis.

Radio listeners have opinions on music and programming that can guide your decision making and keep your product in touch with the listeners' expectations. Customers, clients, listeners, survey respondents are likely to know what's happening and what's coming before you do. Our clients deal with the challenges of change by continuing to ask questions of their customers and potential customers and turning those answers into wise decisions.

TroyResearch continues to create new approaches that have proven successful for many different industries. In addition to our radio research work, we are proud to work for some of the world's most recognized brands:
  • Sony
  • Disney
  • MTV
  • VH1
Your goals as a radio station programmer are our goals. You need to create the best possible radio programming to deliver ratings, revenue, and profit goals. Research can illuminate the path you travel. With the help of TroyResearch you can ask good questions and get actionable data that will lead you to greater success through research-guided decision making.

TroyResearch is prepared to join your team.