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In 1997, Bill Troy founded – the first ever Internet-based media research company for radio stations and media companies. Prior to this, all research had been conducted using telephone, auditorium-based or mall-based surveys. Bill knew that there had to be a more efficient and effective way to gather data. And there was.

With the introduction of the Internet, online surveys were the most effective tool for gathering research. To date, we have completed over 10 million surveys for radio stations--working in twelve languages, in sixteen countries, and on four continents.

Due to the growing amount of work we were doing for companies in industries other than radio, changed to TroyResearch in early 2001. Our new name reflects the growth of our company outside of our original radio roots and into a complete Internet-based research services provider.

As the pioneer in the industry, it is the goal of TroyResearch to create new approaches that have proven successful for many different industries. Due to our commitment to the success of our clients, we continue to work for some of the world's most recognized brands, including Sony, Disney and MTV.
We make a serious commitment to giving our clients the best possible research product along with tested and proven security protection. Many of our products have been developed based on feedback we have received directly from our clients since our founding in 1997. When a client asks us to add another feature or suggests a new product enhancement, we listen and take action.

We believe valuable, actionable data comes from asking our clients two questions:
   How are we doing?
   How can we get better?

While we continue to be copied and cloned faster than you can imagine, our goal is to continue our commitment to making our clients better and Doing What’s Never Been Done Before.